College – Opportunities


If you’ve decided that Larson Gross is a good fit for you, you can apply for the following positions by submitting your cover letter, resume and unofficial transcripts.



Everyone knows that January-April, or “busy season” as it’s affectionately called, is a bit crazy at an accounting firm. Through our audit, tax, and administrative internships you get the opportunity for hands-on learning and we get the added value that comes with an extra set of hands.

But it’s not about squeezing the most work from you that we can. From the start you are a valued member of our team – and we mean that sincerely.


Entry-level career positions

Audit or tax, nonprofits or corporations, industry specialization. Don’t worry if you haven’t decided which direction best fits your interests. We encourage you to discover what you’re passionate about, and we’ve structured our Staff Accountant positions to allow you to do just that. You’ll work on a variety of projects that expose you to a wide range of clients and industries.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about starting your career at Larson Gross.