Ted Larson

Theodore Earl (Ted) Larson

April 9, 1920 – Jan 20, 2012

It is with a great measure of sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Mr. Ted Larson, founder of Larson Gross. He was 91. Mr. Larson was a wonderful man, and we wish to recognize his incredible contributions not only to our organization but to our individual lives. He will be deeply missed.

A few facts about Ted Larson

High School Graduation

Mr. Larson grew up in Whatcom County on a farm. He attended Washington State University and was an avid Cougar fan. He lived through the Great Depression and served our Country in World War II. He was rightfully proud of his service to our Country and a true patriot.

Mr. Larson lived as a business man, a farmer, and a loving husband, father and grandfather. He played bridge and pinochle and recited poetry. Mr. Larson deeply loved his wife, Kelly. He treated her with such respect and grace.

Mr. Larson’s enthusiasm and pride for his garden often extended into the office, where he regularly shared “volunteer” saplings with others. One 25-year team member recalled fondly the dogwood that still grows in her yard that was a transplant from Mr. Larson’s garden.

Mr. Larson founded Larson Gross in December 1949. The values he based our firm on — integrity, trust, excellence and passion — continue to inspire the firm and propel us forward today. As a CPA, Mr. Larson worked long hours but always made it a point to be home for dinner each night with his wife and children.

He continued to have the best interest of the firm at heart well into his retirement years. He would come in to the office on a regular basis to meet every new face and make a personal connection with each of our team members. He remembered the name of every employee, as well as the names of their spouses and children, and would greet clients by name as he passed by the reception desk well beyond when he stopped directly serving clients. He officially retired in 2007.