Why Larson Gross

Why Larson Gross

There’s a difference between a career you love and a job you drag yourself out of bed for just to pay the bills. You can make a living doing both, but why would you? Here are a few reasons why we look forward to getting out of bed each morning:

The Work We Do Matters

As a part of our team, you’ll stand beside your clients and know you’re making a positive impact on their lives, their businesses and their legacies.

You’re The Captain Here

Are you ready to take the wheel? With initiative and drive, we offer plenty of ways for you to advance your career in the direction you desire.


We Can Do The Splits

Not really, but we’re pretty flexible. We always do our best to accommodate each team member’s unique situation. Just let us know what you need. We’re all ears.

Our Doors Are Always Open

Have a question for a Partner? No problem. Unlike many larger firms, we collaborate in close-knit teams and make sure we’re available for each other.


We Work Hard, And Play Hard

Between donut Fridays, chili cook-offs, costume contests and offsite team building events, there’s always something fun planned on our calendar.


We’re Not Going Anywhere But Up

Being part of an established, successful firm with promising professional opportunity is essential for a happy, productive life. We’ve been locally owned and growing for more than 70 years, and we plan to be here for many more.