Resources for Business Owners

Resources for Business Owners

Federal Resources

U.S. Department of Labor

Information, links, and technical assistance related to employer laws and regulations, including the elaws Advisor which gives advice and provides information on a specific law or regulation based on the user’s particular situation.
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Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

Laws, rules, forms, publications, contacts and news related to L&I’s Insurance Services. Includes information on the enforcement of the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) and its Special Compliance programs.
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Washington State Department of Revenue

Information on tax liabilities for Washington State businesses, tax rates and codes, starting a business in Washington, and even information on unclaimed property.
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Doing Business in Washington State: Find specifics about operating your business in Washington state, including how to file a Master Business Application and how to obtain a Reseller Permit here.
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Determining if Your Business Has Economic Nexus in Washington State, Other States: If your business is located in another state, or your Washington-based company does business in other states, you may have questions about establishing Economic Nexus in one or more states and about Apportioning your income for Business & Occupation tax purposes. You’ll find information to help you with these topics at these links.
Economic Nexus

Get the Latest on Department of Revenue Rule Changes: For the latest changes in Department of Revenue Rules, visit the Newsroom.
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