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While getting across the border may be easy, the tax maze that follows might make you dizzy.

For more than 35 years, we’ve been helping individuals and businesses in the United States and Canada through the maze of tax, management and operational issues encountered when expanding across the border.

Beyond U.S. tax planning and preparation, we offer consulting services in areas such as business formation, operational considerations and financing requirements.

We serve both Americans and Canadians, as well as Canadian businesses and U.S. businesses with complex international matters. Additionally, we have a robust network of professional relationships including immigration attorneys, cross border tax law attorneys as well as Canadian accountants.

Some of the most common international services we provide are:

  • Streamlined Tax Filings
  • Entity Structuring
  • State and Local Tax Consulting
  • Business Financing
  • Personal Financial Planning
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“Larson Gross has been an integral part of our growth by taking care of the details, allowing us to focus on developing our group of companies further.”

John F. Gravel, Bedrock-Service Group of Companies