Better. Stronger.

We looked up the definition for consulting and didn’t really like it. So, here’s what we mean when we say consulting: making lives better, businesses stronger. And there’s a lot of forward-looking ways we can help do that for you:

  • Business Valuation

    An official valuation report financially analyzes your business and can help you sell, obtain financing from a lender, perform estate, gift or tax planning to protect your wealth or update a buy-sell agreement for your business.

    Meet Bethany.

    She's a partner that specializes in Business Valuations who, with the help of her husband, enjoys keeping their busy daughters entertained.

  • Merger & Acquisition Support

    We work with clients on both buy-side and sell-side transactions, including making sure your business is well-positioned for a transaction to maximize integration value and effectiveness. It’s our pleasure to walk alongside our clients to look ahead, plan for the future, and be as ready as possible for these significant events. We have a team that can support through all phases, including entity pre- and post- transaction structuring, due diligence, financial and accounting preparedness and tax efficiency planning. We also take a holistic approach to think about both the business, but also the individual owners, in how a transaction plays out to provide clarity to all parties.

    Meet Kelli.

    As CEO, Kelli’s our driver listening to input from a whole bunch of passengers. But wherever she’s going, she’s taking the road less traveled.

  • Ownership Transition Planning

    Our Ownership Transition Planning process starts with informing you of the various options available to transition your business, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and landing on the one that best fits your needs and goals. Then we’ll help you determine and maximize value, assess business strengths and weaknesses and balance family dynamics.

    Having a plan doesn’t mean leaving your business today. It simply provides you the peace of mind that the results of your hard work will continue when you’re ready to start checking things off your bucket list.

    Meet Josh.

    He's our Business Consulting Leader and an early-bird, Chelan-loving sports junkie.

  • Board Facilitation & Training

    You likely have a group of extremely qualified and passionate individuals who have volunteered to serve on your board. But they may not know what it means to serve as a board member or how to facilitate collaborative conversations with each other around the organization’s mission and financial position. We understand that board members sometimes need facilitation and training on how to properly serve in this important role, so we offer board facilitation and training to help guide key discussions and provide education around role responsibilities.

    Meet Rachel.

    She's our Employee Engagement Manager who brings 20+ years of Philanthropic Advising experience to the table.