Eye on the ball.

How are you supposed to run a business, decide what’s for dinner AND keep up with the day-to-day accounting? Successful organizations focus on what they do best. We help make this possible.

Through cutting-edge technology, streamlined processes and proactive advice, we’ve modernized the traditional role of bookkeepers, accountants and CFOs.

Looking for someone to take it all off your plate? We’re a good fit for you. Our Client Accounting Services menu includes four service levels that contain varying scopes of work, all bundled up in nice tidy packages for you.

Our comprehensive service package includes:

  • Reconciling bank accounts, credit cards and loans
  • Month-end accounting adjustments
  • State and Local non-income tax filing
  • Processing payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Financial reporting and forecasting

Meet Rachelle

She's a CAS (Client Accounting Services) Manager and an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys a good DIY project.