Isn’t it romantic?

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with a glass of wine at night and reading through the hot-off-the-press tax regulations, right? Well, that’s what we love so you can spend time loving other things. Here are a few of our favorite things:

  • Individual & Business Tax Planning

    Tax returns can sometimes seem like only compliance requirements. However, we don’t simply run your numbers and check boxes. We use this as an opportunity to spearhead discussion of other key organization topics, facilitate conversations regarding financial issues that are important to you, and grow a relationship that allows us to help you achieve your goals.

    Meet Tanya.

    She’s our Tax Director and a former blueberry farming, photography-loving orchardist.

  • International Tax

    For more than 35 years, we’ve been helping individuals and businesses in the United States and Canada through the maze of tax, management and operational issues encountered when expanding across the border. It can feel messy sometimes, so we’ll just put it simply: if you have a deeply complex tax scenario involving Canada and the U.S., we’re a good fit for you. And while our expertise is in the U.S.-Canada treaty, we love other countries, too!

    Meet Kevin.

    He's our I-Tax leader and a motorcycling, trivia-playing world traveler.

  • State & Local Tax

    Did you know that, in Kansas, riding a balloon that’s tethered to the ground is subject to the amusement tax? Of course not. And we don’t want you to know that or the hundreds of other State and Local tax nuances that exist. Multistate operations require a deep understanding of the tax landscape in each location, including sales, use, income, franchise and gross receipts. That’s our job.

    Meet Jennae.

    She a SALT expert who enjoys fishing, woodworking, and hiking the many trails in Central Oregon.