HR = Herculean Responsibility?

Business owner….Greek hero known for astounding strength….we know you can do it. But do you want to? Outsourcing the heavy burden of HR functions can help free up time to focus on your core business objectives and strategies. Put down the weights. Call us instead.

Our services can be provided in a variety of ways to fit your unique needs. We understand some businesses have HR needs that are ongoing and repetitive, while others may be seeking project-based service to fulfill a specific gap. Once we learn more about what you’re looking for, we begin to collaboratively shape how the service is delivered and on what frequency. This ensures you receive exactly what you need, no more and no less.

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Some of our HR services include:

  • Recruiting and Employee Retention
  • Performance Review Strategy
  • Policy and Handbook Development
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Workplace Behavior & Harassment Prevention Training

Meet Colleen

She’s our HR Services Leader and a crafty costume-coordinating, fifth-generation farmer.