2023 Washington State Fruit Warehouse Salary Survey

Thank you for participating in the 2023 Washington State Fruit Warehouse Salary Survey, sponsored by the Washington State Tree Fruit Association.

A few items to note:

  • If you have more than one employee in a given position, the salary or hourly wage should be an average of those employees. If you have a position that is paid on an hourly basis, but the questionnaire classifies the position as salary, please convert your hourly amount to salary by multiplying by 2080 before entering into the questionnaire. The inverse is true: divide your salary position by 2080 before entering if the questionnaire classifies the position as hourly.
  • If you have an employee that serves in more than one position, please determine in which position the most time is spent and report in that position only.
  • Job descriptions can be viewed here
  • There is a section called “Additional comments:”. Please use this space to add any notes that may help us process your response, or to provide feedback to help us improve the questionnaire moving forward.

As in the past, all responses will be maintained in strictest confidence. The survey questionnaire is only being provided to participating members of the Washington State Tree Fruit Association. Survey results will not be available to those who do not participate.

Please prioritize your response and return the questionnaire by April 30th. We understand that there may be some circumstances that make it difficult to complete the questionnaire by April 30th. Please reach out to us if you feel that you will need a little more time. We strive to find a balance between giving respondents enough time to complete the questionnaire and providing final survey results that are useful and timely. Please contact Andrew Greenman  if you have any questions.


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Data for Sales & Marketing Positions

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Data for Warehouse Positions

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