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"We're proud to work with the outstanding team at Larson Gross. They understand the complexities of our business and have supported us through generations of growth."

- Andy Enfield, Co-CEO, Enfield Farms

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Lynden Washington

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  • Established in 1977 when Marvin & Linda Enfield began farming 80 acres of berries.
  • In 1984, Enfield Farms began growing and harvesting blueberries.
  • Maintains and harvests blueberries and raspberries from over 1000 acres of land in Whatcom County.
  • Enfield Farms collaborates with a subsidiary company, Northwest Plant and Plant and Food Research out of New Zealand in an innovative plant breeding program designed to provide high quality nursery stock plants to growers and businesses around the world.
  • Recently expanded production capabilities to produce chocolate covered products. Also launched two Enfield Farms branded products including Raspberry Gems™ and Brazzberries™ (a bag consisting of both raspberries and blueberries).
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