Everyday Advisors

This page contains instructions for completing your Everyday Advisors assignment. Please read through all of the instructions and watch tutorial videos before beginning.

Feel free to reach out to Jennifer Witherbee if you have any questions.

Step 1: Identify your peer group

Step 2: Complete the Assignment Form below

After submitting your assignment, you will receive a copy of your submission via email. Please “Print” your submission email as a .pdf to a location you can easily recall. Next, using the Group links below, go to your group’s Whiteboard page, find the toolbar across the bottom and click on the three dot menu to pull up “Documents”. It will open a Finder window where you can navigate to your .pdf and place on the whiteboard for peer review. Watch the video below for a demo.

Step 3: Complete peer review

Please use the following links to visit your group’s “Whiteboard”. Please review the homework of each member in your group and use “sticky notes” or “comments” buttons to leave feedback/comments/suggestions/ask questions. See the video below for a demo.




Assignment Form

Everyday Advisors

Review your Top 10* Clients. Where are you with each of them on the value ladder? (*If you don't have 10, review the top clients you have.)

Please share three clients you want to move up the value ladder and identify what exactly you plan to do for each relationships and when you will do it by.