SOC Code Requirement for Clients

NEW SOC code reporting required

In 2019, the Washington State Legislature passed a law requiring employers to report SOC codes in their quarterly reports for unemployment insurance.

What are SOC codes?

SOC stands for Standard Occupational Classification. It’s a federal coding system that helps government agencies and private businesses compare occupational data.

This data is used by:
  • Government program managers.
  • Industry and labor relations specialists.
  • Students considering career training.
  • Job seekers.
  • Vocational training schools.
  • Employers wishing to set salaries or locate a new business


What we need from you

  1. Download this template
  2. Complete the spreadsheet with your employee names, SSN & SOC codes (refer to the Resources section above for links to code definitions).
  3. Once finished, you can simply return it to us via the file upload field in the form below:
SOC Spreadsheets

Questions? Please reach out to your main point of contact via email or phone or call our main office line at 360.734.4280.