Tax Worksheet for U.S.
Non-Resident Income Tax Returns

We kindly request that you complete the form below and submit all of the necessary documentation to prepare your U.S. Non-Resident Income Tax Return. Also, a reminder that your annual Agreement Letter has been sent to you and must be signed before Larson Gross can begin tax preparation. For questions about how to sign your agreement letter, please visit our Support Resources page.

To ensure your tax return is prepared and filed by the applicable deadline, please submit your documentation as soon as possible. 

We look forward to serving you!

NEW in 2023: The form below saves your data as you proceed to each step, so should you be interrupted, you can return to where you left off without losing your progress.

In addition, please be sure to keep an eye out for any small blue circle “tool tips” after questions. These tips provide additional information about supporting documents that should be uploaded at the end of the form under the “Upload Documents” section.

Tax Worksheet for US Non -Resident Income Tax Returns


Please upload any documents necessary for properly preparing your tax return. Examples may include: W-2, 1099, 1042-S, K-1, 8805, closing documents, or a voided check (if you'd like potential refunds or payments processed electronically).

Questions? Please reach out to your main point of contact via email or phone or call our main office line at 360.734.4280.